What Men Secretly Think of Older Women

March 5, 2020

Maybe you’ve seen the buzz recently that Keanu Reeves has a new girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. The media is going crazy for this story for one reason: she’s a woman with gray hair. I’m not kidding. 

People were shocked to see 46-year-old Alexandra show up with Keanu to an event rocking her naturally gray hair – and praising Keanu for dating a woman his age (even though she’s actually 9 years younger than him). 

Maybe you’re rolling your eyes at this story - because it IS ridiculous that women in Hollywood get so much media attention for wearing their hair naturally gray as many men do. But the point is - yes, there are good men out there who date someone who is age-appropriate. 

Why is this important? It’s easy to focus on the fact that men like Leonardo Dicaprio seem to max out on women when they hit age 25. But high-quality men are not focused on counting your grey hairs. They are focused on the positive qualities of dating an older woman.

Here’s a few of them...

Maturity and Wisdom

what men secretly think of older women

Men secretly know that an older woman will understand him better than a younger woman. That’s because an older woman can appreciate him in a way no one else does. Why is that? 

Older women have simply spent more time on this Earth. They have experienced great hardships and great success. High-quality men understand that dating an older woman means she will know what it is like to suffer, pick herself back up, and start over again. This makes older women wise and mature - which are fantastic qualities to have in a partner. 

Men want a partnership that can lead them to more happiness and success than they would achieve on their own. Finding a partner that can offer a wise, experienced perspective is invaluable.

Although age doesn’t define maturity, in general, it is much easier to relate to someone who was born the same generation as you. 

Older Women Are Independent 

men like independent women

And as you may have heard me say before, being a strong, independent woman is the ultimate turn-on for a man. If you’re older and haven’t been with a man for a while, odds are you know exactly how to make yourself happy and be perfectly fine without one. 

Do you know what this signifies to men? That you won’t be needy. A man’s worst nightmare is a woman who says, “I need you to be happy. I need you to fulfill me. I need you to feel good about myself.” And unfortunately, a lot of younger women act this way. 

That’s why when you meet a man and you’re happy with your life and independent - he will think, “Wow, what a strong woman. This is the kind of woman who will be an equal partner with me.” 

You see, men secretly love older women because they are looking for someone who is on their level. That’s why it’s no surprise why high-quality men chose to marry an equally strong woman. 

Celebrities Agree 

Still not convinced men like older women? Let’s take a look at a man many women lust after - Ryan Gosling. Although Ryan could clearly have his pick of women, he settled down with Eva Mendez, who is six years older than him. 

During an interview with Hello Canada, Ryan said the one quality he is looking for in a woman is that she’s Eva Mendez and there was nothing else he was looking for. When a man falls in love with a woman completely for who she is, age isn’t important. It isn’t even considered. It’s about who she is inside that makes him want to spend the rest of his life with her. 

Women have this fear that men aren’t going to like them because of their age or they are no longer attractive because they are older. These fears hold women back from meeting the right man. 

Listen, some men do go for young, attractive women instead of seeking a partner that matches their values, intellect and lifestyle. But you must understand this kind of man is not someone you want to date.

Real high-quality men have no problem dating women who are older or around their age. For them, it’s not about how old someone is - it’s about finding someone who can be an equal partner to them.

In addition, men do find older women attractive because they are independent, mature, powerful, and experienced.

The #1 Way You Can Attract an Amazing Man 

attract a high-quality man

Now, I’m going to conclude by giving you the #1 way you can easily attract a guy who shares the same values as you and appreciates you for who you are. This trick is great because it also turns away the wrong kinds of guys right away. 

It’s called the power of polarity. It involves showing a man the most polarizing things about you right away. It could be that you have five kids and 10 grandkids who you love spending time with. It could be that despite your age you love traveling and having adventures around the world. 

Some men won’t be able to handle this. But the right one will appreciate your honesty and see these polarizing things as parts of you that are unique and special. 

Remember, no matter how old you are, as long as you’re young at heart - you will still be able to captivate the right man and win his heart by being yourself.

In Conclusion 

Now that you know what men secretly think of older women, you can see your age as an asset rather than a hindrance. You can understand how a high-quality man will appreciate you for who you are inside rather than paying attention to something silly like a number. 

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