The #1 Type of Woman Men Find Irresistible

February 5, 2020

Are you sick of dating guys who you give everything to...just for them to run the other way?

Maybe you’re used to getting wooed on the first date then you start cooking him delicious meals, giving him lots of romantic time in the bedroom then all of a sudden he starts calling you less and less.

Or maybe you have been with a guy for a while and now he is starting to ignore you or failing to meet your needs. So, what gives? Why aren’t men trying to sweep you off your feet?

I’m going to let you in on an insider secret of why certain women have men chasing them their entire lives...and other women can’t get a text back. This secret is going to empower you and show you exactly how to win over a successful, high-quality man. 

Let’s get into the type of woman that men find alluring and attractive. 

Men Love Independent Woman 

It may not seem groundbreaking to you that men like independent women but sometimes women are confused about what it is that men are actually looking for. 

Often, when a woman is dating someone she likes, she wants to spoil him with all of her love and affection. This isn’t surprising since the media often pushes women in this direction with headlines telling women to try new tricks in the bedroom, wear all sorts of makeup, and wear certain clothes to make them appear sexier. 

But if a woman is cooking elaborate meals and wearing lace lingerie for a guy she’s been on two dates with he will think she’s doing TOO much and blow her off AFTER he sleeps with her.

High-Quality Guys Want a Mental Challenge 

High-quality guys are looking for women who can offer a mental challenge.

They don’t want someone who is influenced by popular media or trying hard to fit into a box of what a man wants in a woman. They want a woman who is an independent thinker. 

Remember, you are trying to attract a successful, high-quality man. These types of men usually have women chasing them. So when they meet a confident, independent woman who isn’t fighting for their attention...all of a sudden, they are interested. 

One of my friends, Daniel, started dating a woman named Marie. He took her out to dinner and she seemed like a nice girl. She was intelligent, bubbly, and beautiful. They had a great time and he asked her out again a few days later. 

By the third date, Marie invited him to her house and prepared a beautiful five-course meal. Daniel was appreciative but he found it a bit odd. She clearly had spent all day cooking the meal and was trying to impress him. And how did he feel? Well, a bit scared. He thought to himself, “Why would this intelligent, strong woman spend so much time fawning over someone she barely knows?”

That night, despite thinking she was a bit strange, he slept with her. And since they slept together, Marie thought they had a great time and hounded him to hang out daily. She said she would love to take him to her parents’ beach house, invited him on her business trip, and constantly asked if he could meet up for a coffee on his lunch break. Daniel wasn’t interested.

He felt overwhelmed and started to describe her as “totally crazy.” Eventually, he stopped talking to her altogether. 

Now, I’m sure the story went very differently from Marie’s perspective. She felt as though she was offering Daniel a beautiful meal to win him over. She was inviting him on cool dates to get his attention. She didn’t understand what happened or why he wasn’t interested. 

Independent Women Have High Standards

A lot of my clients come to me with stories like Marie. And I explain to them that when you chase a man...he feels trapped and wants to run the other way.

If a woman goes overboard trying to impress a man when they first meet, he will find her desperate rather than impressive. This is because a high-quality man wants an independent woman who has control over herself. 

An independent woman isn’t going to let anyone, from the media to a man, define her. She respects herself and certainly won’t be going out of her way to impress someone she just met. 

She holds herself to the highest standards. She won’t let him come over late at night to hook up because it’s convenient for him. She won’t be lost without a man. She is happy with herself, first and foremost. 

Guys Respect Self-Reliant Women

Of course, men feel like protectors. But they don’t want someone who needs them for everything. They want someone who is their equal. 

They are looking for a woman who has her own interests and hobbies. Not only does this show she’s a well-rounded person and makes her more interesting, but it also shows she’s not always going to be waiting around for him to entertain her. When a woman has her own life, it’s less pressure for a man.

It’s a huge turn-off for a guy when a woman wants to hang out with him all the time and doesn’t want to see her friends or do fun things without him. If you make a man the center of your world, you become dependent on his every move and he becomes less interested in you.  

Guys know an independent woman wouldn’t be bothered by this because it is also important for her to do her own thing. 

Remember, men find it attractive when they meet a woman who doesn’t need them. 

I know my wife is a strong woman and she loves me - but she doesn’t need me. She would be just fine on her own. Just knowing this makes me feel lucky, because I know she chooses to be with me - not that she stays with me because she is afraid to be single or would struggle to be alone. 

Her being strong and confident is one of the reasons I fell in love with her and why I can continue to lean on her and look to her for strength when I need it and vice versa.

It’s Better to Be Seen as an Equal 

Men don’t stay with someone who they can wrap around their finger.

Sure, of course, a man wants someone who will fulfill their every fantasy and wait on them hand and foot. But if a woman acts like this, he won’t stay with her long-term. Eventually, he’ll get bored. 

Remember, men love a mental challenge. And a passive woman who makes a guy the center of her universe is predictable, which is fun for a bit but not forever. 

A man thinks a docile woman will need him to be happy. And men view neediness as a weakness. Great guys want an equal partner - not someone who is weaker than them. 

Men Have a Hunter’s Instinct 

Men see independent women as a challenge and naturally, men love a good hunt. 

We find chasing women thrilling. So, when a woman shows all her cards right away, we’ll simply get bored.

Now, a confident woman who has a sense of humor and is in control of herself? That’s attractive. She isn’t racing to him with her arms wide open. She is doing her own thing and letting him come to her. He chases her as she sits back, relaxed. And now, he will do everything in his power to get her.

Remember my friend Daniel who was scared off by Marie for making him a five-course meal on their second date? Well, Daniel met another woman named Rachel and she made a very different impression on him. Just like Marie, Rachel was intelligent, bubbly, and a great first date. But she was more mysterious. She wasn’t going out of her way to always ask what he was doing or if he wanted to meet up. 

She hung out with him when she could. But if she had plans with friends or felt like working out, cooking, or just relaxing at home, she simply told him so and said they could meet another time. She wasn’t always available so he had to go out of his way to plan interesting dates to catch her attention and make her want to see him. 

He was the one chasing her – and it was quite the thrill. He once told me, “I  can’t believe it. She said she couldn’t meet up because she was going to a pottery class. Who even does pottery!” It drove him crazy that she wasn’t jumping through hoops to get him the way other women did. And the result? He had to become his best self to get a spot in her life. 

Ten years later, Rachel and Daniel are happily married. And he still goes out of his way to impress her...because he knows that his strong, independent wife isn’t going to stick around if he isn’t his best self because she doesn’t need him to be happy. Which brings us to… 

Independent Woman Won’t Deal With Men’s BS

Sometimes men behave badly. I admit, sometimes I push my wife’s buttons on purpose because I had a bad day or am feeling down. But unlike other women I dated in the past, I know my wife isn’t going to let me get away with being rude.

Even if men don’t like to admit it (and won’t say it to you), they know they are better off with a partner who is confident and a bit sassy and is willing to call them out when they behave poorly. This doesn’t mean they want someone who is going to give them a long, emotional talk or nag them all the time. They just want someone who simply tells them to knock it off. 

A man knows an independent woman respects herself and won’t deal with anyone who doesn’t respect them. 

By not letting a man disrespect her, she not only appears more attractive, but he shows she is an equal partner. She also gives him the room to grow into an even stronger, independent man himself. 

In Conclusion 

Now that you know that men find independent women irresistible, you can use this knowledge to attract the type of man you’re looking for.

Imagine in a few weeks from now you meet an incredible, handsome, smart guy. He takes you out on some beautiful dates...and you let him come your way. You don’t pressure him. You don’t ask him to hang out all the time. You see him when it’s convenient for you. And he goes crazy trying to win your love and attention. 

He sees you as someone special because he knows you see yourself that way and won’t settle for anything less than amazing. Slowly but surely, you fall in love. You are his dream woman and he is ready to commit to you as husband and wife.

This is the kind of relationship you deserve. And the most effective way to make that reality happen now is to discover what men really want, understand how their brains work, and follow a system to attract the right man into your life.

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