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"Hey Jason, I was one of your original "students" on Match. I talked to you on the phone twice (at the time I was dating someone half my age but not confident about it). I watched all of your videos - from the very first one you did (I remember when you only had 7 likes!). You were the #1 source I used to turn my way of thinking around. I just want to thank you. Today I am in a very committed relationship with a man who is just perfect for me. He adores me and loves me to the depths of his soul. I am blown away, because I never thought I could have a relationship this good. We have been dating over a year now and have taken the next step in our relationship. I had been so insecure about myself, thinking I had to change to get someone to love me. I was wrong. You taught me to be the real, unique me, and that is what he fell in love with. I will be forever grateful to you! Thank you!!"
—Lauren S., Las Vegas
"Thanks so much, Jason. I’m deep into a wonderful 600 mile long distance relationship. We talk on the phone daily for 3+ hours and we rotate visiting. We spent a lot of hours character screening and making sure our values and vision matched and making sure we are heavily compatible and attracted to each other, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. We know what each other’s life and world looks like. We are working on moving me into his world to be with him permanently. I’m impressed with this man. He brings out the best in me and makes me a better person. We’ve been able to build a nice healthy relationship with great communication. Your videos have helped immensely. Thanks so much!"
—Marcella X.

"The 'tools' you provided are a permanent part of my tool belt which I plan to add to. I will be forever grateful for the help you've given me Jason. Please know that with me, you have succeeded in your mission."
— Carol M., Michigan
"Jason's class was exactly what I needed in my life. His wealth of experience and knowledge made for an engaging, enlightening and worthwhile class. He approached the session from a coaching and psychology perspective, allowing each participant the chance to interact and share their stories while digging deeper to the root of personally approaching dating. Would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about dating and looking for a better understanding of how to master this elusive 'skill.'"
— Lauren F., Chicago
"Great message today Jason! I can't begin to tell you how quickly I"m learning from you. ... I have already met the man of my dreams on POF using your training tips. He's driven, looking for the exact same values that I am, he already says he can't get enough of me, and I think he just might be "the one" that I have been waiting for my entire life!  Thank you so much for teaching me how to attract a high quality man!"
—Karen E.
"Thanks to you I have found the perfect boyfriend, he aways know how to make me smile, and most importantly he loves me for me flaws and all. Thank you!"
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"I love my mom. But I think if she had a boyfriend, she wouldn't worry so much…so I went behind her back and hired a matchmaker." That matchmaker was Jason who set Kesha's mom up on a blind date, which apparently went great. Afterwards, Kesha said: “I’m really happy my mom met someone she likes. She deserves him. And it makes me think about how much I want to find a nice guy." —Kesha, grammy-nominated singer, on her MTV show My Crazy Beautiful Life (Season 2 Episode 5)
"The wise old matchmaker from fiddler on the roof is very much alive in the 21st century... like a personal assistant for your love life." —ABC News
"Unlike many of his dating and matchmaking counterparts out there today who focus on the external, Silver helps singles transform from the inside out." —Oy!Chicago