What Men Secretly Think of Dominant Women

December 7, 2019

Every morning you wake up, take a shower, and do your lengthy skincare routine. Afterward, you put on makeup, dress in a stylish outfit, and head to work. You grab a green smoothie and healthy snack along the way, all the while catching up on your emails and reading trending industry news.

You get into work and spend hours putting out fires, shaking hands with clients, and sifting through paperwork. After work, you could collapse in bed because you’re so exhausted...but you go meet friends for some dinner and a glass of wine then pop into a networking event to show face. You get home late - like usual - and pass out after another day of kicking ass and taking names.

You’re confident, successful, and you’re doing everything you’re supposed to do. And yet...you can’t seem to land the right guy. In fact, when you meet men they seem intimidated by your success…

So, what gives? Are all men really shaking in their boots when it comes to dominant women?

In this article, I’m going to tell you what men truly think of dominant women.  

I’m going to dive deep into the insecurities men have around empowered women and the way high-quality men feel about a strong woman who is in control. I’m also going to show you what you can do to attract an amazing guy who isn’t afraid of someone confident. This will help you find a man who loves the fact that you are a powerful, ambitious woman.

Are you ready to find out what men secretly think of dominant women?

Let’s get started.

1. Will I Always Be Reaching for Her Respect?

Men know a dominant woman is strong and will not tolerate anything less than what she deserves (as she shouldn’t!).

This makes him question, even if he does his best to serve her faithfully, is she capable of deeply respecting him?

You see, men need to be able to feel like they’re a protector. If he feels as though you don’t trust him as someone who can protect you and take care of you, he will lose confidence in himself. This makes him feel less attractive - which can lead to a downward spiral towards failure and disappointment.

So, how can you be your badass self and prevent him from feeling like a boy instead of a man? You must show him that you like him and he’s capable of earning your respect.

Even if you are still getting to know him and aren’t prepared to be vulnerable or you don’t completely respect him, you can let him know he’s piquing your interest by giving him some small indicators of attraction. This could be simply smiling or laughing at his jokes, gently touching his arm when he talks to you, or complimenting him. Not only will this help him understand you’re attracted to him, but it will give him the boost of confidence he needs to pursue a successful woman like you further…

2. He Sees “Power Couple” Potential

Most men seek growth and power.

So naturally, when a man finds a strong partner who he trusts, his mind starts to think about how they could become the ultimate power couple.

Take a look at George Clooney. For years, the world watched him be a Hollywood playboy who dated dozens of beautiful women. He insisted he would never get married a second time...then he met Amal. Within 6 months, he knew she was the woman he wanted to marry and spend the rest of his life with. And if you think George is a cool guy...take a look at his wife, Amal. She is one of the most powerful and respected international human rights lawyers in the world. Make no mistake - George sees her as an incredible, dominant woman.

As you can see, George points out many qualities he loves about his wife like her sense of humor, intelligence, and how she is caring.

Remember, it helps a man to see your potential to become a power couple if you show him how you would be a great partner. You can do this by asking yourself, “How can WE be better than ME or HE?” Once you determine how you can be more powerful as a pair then think about how you can show him this.

For example, If he loves being a party host but isn’t great with the details, throw a dinner party for your friends. If he loves adventure but can never push the button to make it happen, help plan a trip.

Maybe you know his love language is words of affirmation. Perfect - look for opportunities to compliment him.

Look at how you can provide more value in his life and see how you can appreciate and gain his support as well.

3. He Can’t Wait to See What’s Next

High-quality men know that ambitious women work hard and play hard - meaning he’ll expect your drive to cross-over into hobbies and passions.

To him, you’re more than just a confident woman, you’re interesting and unique.

A man who can confidently communicate with dominant women will know there is much more than meets the eye and he’ll be excited to find out what that is.

A perfect example of this is with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen - who are one of Hollywood's most beloved couples. Chrissy is notorious not only for her beauty and successful business ventures, but her dominant, playful, sassy personality.

This year, Chrissy won Adweek’s 2019 Brand Visionary Award. Her husband had the honor of presenting her the award and spoke to her directly in front of a room of almost 1,000 people saying, “You were always worried that brands would never hire someone as unpredictable, as unfiltered, as filthy-mouthed as you. But then they all realized what I’ve known for years, that it would be a privilege and an honor for them to bask in your brilliance, your candor, your hilarity, your beautiful visionary mind.”

As you can see from his touching words, a highly successful man like John Legend can recognize the power in a dominant woman and love, appreciate, and admire her for those qualities. Which is why I want you to know…

In your life, you don’t need to be afraid of scaring away insecure men. The qualities that make you unique, ambitious, fun, and successful are what will attract the right man to you in the first place.

If a man can’t keep up with you, he doesn’t deserve you. You want someone who loves you for exactly who you are - which is why you should use the power of polarity right when you meet a man. This means you need to show men the qualities about you that are polarizing - and let them decide upfront if you’re the type of woman they are interested in. If you hide the fact that you have a dominant personality, you may end up wasting time with a man who ultimately doesn’t love that about you. So, don’t be afraid of being upfront about who you are right away and saying goodbye to men who can’t appreciate that part of you.

Maybe you’re saying, “I always show who I am on the first few dates, and men can’t handle it.” Now, it’s important to know there is a difference between conveying your confidence to a man and steamrolling over him. Some women make the mistake of talking up their success and not letting a man get in a word edgewise or even worse, shaming him for not being as successful.

The way you win a high-quality man’s heart with a bold personality is demonstrating …
1. You respect him
2. Why you would be a great partner
3. How your dominant personality makes you fun and exciting

Now that you know what men secretly think about dominant women, you can use this insight to your advantage and not have any hesitations about being your strong, confident self upfront.

I know that if you’re watching this video, you are a successful, ambitious woman who deserves a great relationship. You’ve worked hard and achieved so much - and you’re ready to open yourself up and be cherished by a high-quality man.

Imagine in a few weeks from now meeting a man who is immediately wow’d by your bold personality. He wants to hear more about your success and spend hours talking and laughing with you. He tells you he wants a relationship with you because you’re brilliant, hilarious, giving, and special in your own way. You overhear him talking with his brother on the phone saying, “There is something so different about her. I think she’s the one.” And not only does he feel that way about you, but he tells you and everyone in his life about how lucky he is to be in your presence. He feels thankful for you and wants to spend the rest of his life showing you how lucky he feels to be with you.

You may think this type of love is reserved for movies...but as you’ve seen in these interviews, this kind of deep passionate love exists in real life.

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