Top 3 Ways Women Are Repelling Men

March 21, 2022

Do you really wanna know the top three ways that women are completely repelling men?

You sure you wanna dive into this… because it is pretty serious.

Now there are three tried and true ways to repel men.

So if you want to completely kill any level of attraction that you have with a guy, just do one of these three things.

The number one way that you can repel men is just to not care about how you present yourself. Physical beauty is basically an indicator of your health. So if you want to carry a message of attraction, then your “personal packaging” is important.

And part of your packaging is the clothes that you wear. This is key…

I see so many online dating profiles of women that are wearing vests and business suits and things that are just baggy and not showing their body.

Now I'm not saying you need to over sexualize yourself in your online dating profile, but if you're not showing any of your physical body curvature…

If it's just headshots or photos that are shot from above you (in a really deceptive or misleading way), then you're setting yourself up for failure… because you are not addressing the single most impactful attraction trigger for men, which is their visual attraction.

Number two is lack of confidence in your beauty or in your ability to attract men. And this doesn't just mean how you feel about your physical beauty.

If you're not confident that you're an attractive woman, then that means that you're communicating your own insecurity, whether you mean to or not.

Also, someone who is afraid that they're not attractive enough is going to automatically elevate the man that she's attracted to… and put him on a pedestal.

Which is immediately placing herself below him on the value scale…

When you put yourself below a guy and you put him on a pedestal, you're basically letting him know subconsciously that he is a higher value person than you in the dating game.

No one wants to date someone who is below them in value.

Every person on the dating market wants to get a “great catch” - someone they can be proud to be with.

They want at least an equal at the very least.

So it is important in general that you actually feel confident. You actually love yourself and appreciate the different parts of yourself.

…As much as you would appreciate someone else you love or another woman that you look up to.

Now that self love, that's going to help you to:

  1. Communicate that you're high value
  2. Raise your standards on what type of men and what type of behavior you'll accept in a relationship.

Just having high standards alone is an indicator to men that you value yourself because a high value woman is going to be selective…

She's going to have multiple men that are pursuing her at any given time.

And even if you don't have a bunch of guys pursuing you right now…just acting with the same self love and having the same standards as a woman who is being pursued, will still project to a man that you are this confident high value woman.

He's not gonna know the difference.

Now this isn't about being fake or misleading or inauthentic…

It's about you having the same level of confidence, that same high self-esteem that's required to attract a high self-esteem man.

The third attraction killer is a negative reputation…

Because we as humans use our social circle to determine what type of people we're dealing with. So a man is going to be looking…

What are your friends like?

What does your social media look like?

That's going to tell him a lot about your reputation and what your standing is in society.

Where do you travel?

What types of people do you spend time with?

What do you wear?

All of these things determine your lifestyle and your reputation.

So if you're not looking at what's on your social media, I promise you men are…

They're looking at your LinkedIn…

They're looking at your Twitter, your Instagram, your Facebook, your dating profiles, they're Googling your name, they're Googling your phone number. They're Googling your address, your email address.

So check all of that out on Google and see what pops up because you might be surprised.

So just to recap here, the three things to focus on.

Number one, your physical presentation, how you look, your health, your body, your clothes, your hair, all of these things.

Number two, you have to assume that men are attracted to you. You have to have that deep level of confidence or develop that because if you don't, you're going to lose attraction.

And finally, your social reputation. Take a look at your social media. Look at the people that you surround yourself with. Look at the actions that you're taking and really consider, “is this how I want to be seen by other people?”

Now, if you focus on just these three things, even if you're already aware of them, just by focusing on them, I promise you it's gonna be so much easier for you to attract a higher quality man who is aligned with you and your lifestyle.

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