10 Romantic Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

August 11, 2020

10 Romantic Things to Do For Your Boyfriend

10 Romantic Things to Do For Your Boyfriend

When you picture romance, you might think of unexpected flowers, a personalized love letter or even the classic candlelit dinner -but what does a man think is romantic?

Do  men and women agree on what a truly romantic experience is?

What Do Men Think Is Romantic?

If we look at the popular internet forum reddit.com, we will see a comment from a man mentioning a romantic gesture by a woman. Nearly 5,000 other men agreed with him, so he must have been on to something!

He said...

One time I told a girl that I like red plum jelly and next time she stayed over she had red plum jelly in the fridge.

I know it sounds ridiculous! But don't worry, men do go deeper than this.

Men have a primal need for romantic experiences just like women. If you know exactly what to do to give him these experiences he'll be completely head over heels for you.

Here are my 10 Romantic Things To Do For Your Boyfriend.

10. Charm Him With Feminine Energy

Sure, men appreciate looking at supermodels on TV but we don't think of this as romantic. 

True feminine energy is what takes us from thinking you're attractive, to thinking you're the love of our lives.

It turns you into the one woman we want to provide and protect forever. This raw femininity presents itself in many different ways it's up to you to tap into your female energy and display it in your own unique way.

The more you can display your own authentic feminine energy, the more powerful you can magnetize than men who are a great fit for you and repel the man who are not a good fit.

It doesn't mean you have to wear a dress and high heels if that's not how you feel your best.

In fact, powerful feminine energy often breaks stereotypes and opens the door to new powerful way of living life and expressing yourself on your terms.

9. Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

This energy of being comfortable in your own skin is absolutely magnetizing II Men.

Sure, looking at a Victoria's Secret model wearing lingerie is attractive but seeing you in lingerie with your own unique body personality and confidence is more romantic.

The more unique and personal you're able to express yourself, the more you'll be able to attract men who are a good fit for you and repel those who are not. This is called the power of polarity.

8. Polarity

Since man leaves the womb he is constantly in search for a strong feminine energy to balance his masculine. 

Since his masculinity is unique to him, he's in search of a specific femininity that compliments his specific masculinity. 

When the right man sees you showing off your unique feminine charm, he'll feel a magnetic pull towards you and know that this is exactly what he needs for the rest of his life.

7. Create Meaningful Moments

Life’s most impactful experiences often happen in the tiniest of moments. With just a little focus and attention you can make any moment more meaningful. 

This special moment is simply an experience you can remember forever - no matter how small or insignificant it seemed at the time.

Creating a meaningful moment is simple to do yet can be powerfully romantic.

You don't have to learn how to sing like a Disney princess or go take your heels off and go dancing in the rain. 

That might be fun to watch on TV but you have the ability to create meaningful romantic moments with your man every single day.

6. Experience Beauty

One way to create a meaningful moment is to experience beauty together.

Climbing to the top of a Mountain View, watching the sunset over the ocean, looking up at the stars are all ways you can experience beauty.

These are romantic experiences that will stay in your mind forever.

Aesthetic beauty creates a sense of awe and wonder that can pull a man's thoughts away from his rational world and into this dream world with you. 

This ethereal feeling is exactly the kind of romance that men dream about.

5. Freezing In Time

Freezing in time is when you take a  small, almost insignificant, moment and turn it into something incredibly meaningful.

What makes it special is simply the fact that  you are sharing the moment together.‍

In an instant, the world disappears and you both are focussed on each other.

In this brief moment you are his world, and he is yours.

It reminds me of the Reddit post I mentioned earlier. She remembered he liked red plum jelly and at that moment, when he opened that the fridge, and he saw the jelly, he felt seen and heard.

Truly high-value men appreciate that more than you know. In fact, true love is not experienced with a passionate kiss, on a special vacation, or even on your wedding day.

True love is experienced when the two of you are thinking of each other at the same time.

A Romanian photographer did an excellent job of capturing this kind of intimate experience by taking pictures of real couples simply enjoying each other's company. 

You can make this happen by focusing only on him and your relationship for even just a few moments. Like all that matters to you at that moment is him. It's that simple, just give him your complete intention.

4. Focusing Only On Each Other

Sometimes all you have to do is spend that time focusing on just the two of you.  Doing this will make a man feel like he's the center of your world without distractions. 

Do this without your phone or the show you're watching on Netflix. Completely distraction free. When you do this, he'll know that he's a priority in your life, and he'll cherish these moments forever.

3. Sharing Novel Experiences

When you try new things together it makes him feel like you are his partner in crime,

 Like you can be there with him through all the challenges of life. This romantic experience is even more powerful when there's a tiny element of risk involved. This creates an even stronger bond with your man.

It says “I would do anything for you”. 

“I would risk my life for you as long as we're together.”

On my honeymoon with my wife, Kathy and I rented a car, and we drove all around Israel. 

Now driving in Israel is terrifying enough, but for 2 weeks we actually did something scary every single day. 

We drove up a mountain with these narrow windy roads, we went on a rickety Gondola off a cliff on the Mediterranean Sea, and we explored underground tunnels in the pitch-dark. 

I still think about those moments on that trip. The bond we shared on that trip can never be duplicated. They are meaningful to me. Nothing says romance more to a man than sharing a risky adventure in life.

2. Personalized Surprises

Sure, everyone loves surprises, but not every surprise can be seen as romantic…

If your man were to come home and surprise you with tickets to his favourite sports team, and you might not even like that sport, then that is not very romantic. 

For a true romantic experience, you need to create a personalized surprise that tailored just for him. This shows that you're thinking about him and that you get him.

You know what would make him happy.

This could be anything from agreeing to go on a camping trip that he's been planning and wanting to go on. Or getting him a puppy that he’s wanted forever. 

Or planning a surprise visit when you live far away and you know he's wanting you to come and visit.

Doing these kinds of things is going to make him say to himself:

“Wow, she gets me.” 

That’s the primal desire all humans have. 

1. A Unique Bond

We often get ideas of what romance looks like from TV and movies,  but those aren't real.

Real romance is unique to you and your partner. 

It is about embracing what makes our partnership unique. It's about uncovering what makes the two of you different from everyone else and using make your bond even stronger.

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