If He Doesn't Text You Back, You Must Do This ASAP!

April 7, 2022

Why wouldn't he text you back?

I mean, things were going so well…

Whether you were messaging online or you're texting back and forth after a few dates…

Why did it just, all of a sudden, stop… when you felt like things were actually going somewhere.

I get it. It is crazy. And it's frustrating.

And you want to know what you can do to make him come running right back to you.

So the truth is… the absolute best thing to do if a guy doesn't text you back is to hold yourself to a higher standard… and not to try to manipulate him into reaching back out to you.

Think about someone that you respect and look up to…Think about a woman that you consider very high value.

What would she do if some guy didn’t pursue her? What would she do if someone didn't respond back to her?

I'm gonna give you the most effective and high value ways that you can respond in this situation.

The first thing to do, if he doesn't have a history of doing this, is just to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe he didn't see your last text message. Maybe he forgot. Maybe he's got something going on and you could always follow up with him.

But if he is clearly ignoring you and not treating you with respect, then there's a few things that you need to do.

The first is to focus on meeting a new guy…

Go on a few dates with some other men before you even consider talking to this guy again.

This is helpful because it'll make you stop thinking about him and make you less dependent on what he thinks about you.

When he's the only guy in your life, you can become overly dependent on what he thinks about you.

You can come off as needy and that's such a repellent…

Men don't want to be with someone who's super needy. No one does.

So that's the first thing that you can do. Go on some more dates, meet some more men.

The second thing that you can do is focus on you and taking esteemable actions (actions that increase your self esteem).

Just think about two or three activities that will just boost your confidence.

Maybe it's getting back on a workout plan or doing something that you've been procrastinating on… playing music, starting a passion project, or volunteering, whatever it is.

You need to do things that give you self-esteem and confidence because getting rejected hurts.

It's hard. I still remember painful rejections back when I was dating, like it was yesterday.

And I remember that pain of feeling worthless. So I understand it hurts.

And you can feel that pain… while still jumping into action, getting out there, meeting more men, being selective, holding yourself to a higher standard and doing things that will bring you self-esteem.

And after you've been through these great experiences and you're feeling much better… and then you just happen to think of him and you wanna reach out… and you don't need him to like you, you don't need him to respond, then you can shoot him a low-pressure text message.  

If you are going to send him a message…don't make it deeply dramatic and emotional. Just shoot him a quick text, inviting him over to a group activity or asking a quick question.

If you've got friends coming over, say, “Hey, I got a bunch of friends hanging out this weekend. You're welcome to join us. It'd be fun to see you.”

That's just one thing where it's not very personal. It makes it seem like you're inviting a whole bunch of people.

Another way to reconnect is to ask him a specific question that you think he would know the answer to. It shouldn’t have anything to do with your relationship, but maybe it's a specialty or an expertise of his.

You could say, “Hey, I was just curious about ______ and I know you would be the best person to ask.”

So these are just a couple of ways to get back in touch without seeming overly dramatic or overly invested if he hasn't responded.

But ultimately, remember that you need to focus on YOU and OTHER men if a guy isn’t treating you well (and is ignoring your texts).

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