5 Hidden Signs He's Flirting With You

May 19, 2022

There’s so many times that I’ve seen a man deeply in love with a woman and she has absolutely zero idea.

Today I'm revealing five hidden signs that he's flirting with you... So keep reading so you don't miss an opportunity with a great guy in the future.

I’ll be revealing a little known “tell” that I call “ indicators of attraction”

These are physical signs that you can see with your own eyes, that he's actually taking actions to flirt with you or to escalate the relationship.

So it's important that you're aware of what the signs are. And that way if a guy's flirting with you, you can definitely flirt back or if there's a guy who likes you and is flirting with you, you can immediately change your behavior so you don't lead him on if you don't like him.

The first indicator of attraction is what I call the “Guy Gaze”  This is when you're talking to a guy and his eyes start to gaze down to your physical features…

Now you may say Jason, this is obvious if the guy's staring at my chest or my body... It's obvious that he is interested or checking me out... but not always.

See when we’re talking and thinking about what we’re going to say... We may look away we may glance around... but if a man you find continues as he's talking to kind of casually or subtly just look down and check out or keep an eye or a focus on your body (and it doesn't just need to be your chest)...

He can even be looking at your lips, kind of glancing down at your lips as he's talking to you...

It means that he's actually thinking about your body and his eyes are automatically moving towards what he’s subconsciously thinking about.

You can see this right before you kiss someone…you’ll notice they glance down at your lips. It's just a natural reaction.

So this is actually something that you can use yourself as an indicator of attraction. If you're talking to a great quality guy and you want to be a little bit more flirtatious...

As you're speaking to him, take a little glance down to his lips… Don't stare at them. Just do a little glance every now and then.

And if you really want to push it to the next level, envision in your mind that you're kissing him while you're speaking with him and you’ll just exude a more sensual, romantic energy.

Guys will melt for that kind of thing…and this is very subtle.  It’s hidden.  It’s something you can feel but you can’t see.

The second indicator of attraction is physical touch. Now there are people out there who are just touchy feely...

What you're looking for isn't just someone who on occasion, as they're talking to you, reaches over and touches you on your arm

Although if someone does that they are breaking the physical boundary. Now for a man who wants to get intimately close to a woman... This is actually a big deal.

This is something that men either do subconsciously or if they're a little bit more awkward, this is something that they have to push themselves to do...

Because it's scary to sexually escalate with a woman because imagine the risk if she doesn’t really want it.  The fear of rejection or offending a woman is so powerful for most kind-hearted men.

So watch if a man touches you on your arm or on your shoulder, and if it lingers just a little bit longer.

You may be used to people kind of doing just random touch. It's kind of natural. If you're talking to someone and if you've got a good relationship with them. If someone says something funny, it's natural to reach across and to touch them on their arm and say, “That's so hilarious” or whatever it is in the conversation.

But be aware of physical touch and if it's something that keeps happening, and if it's something that moves beyond just the arm and the shoulder, but maybe to your back or even your lower back, or if he keeps his hand there for an extended period of time.

So again…if he's breaking that physical boundary and touching you…especially for extended periods of time, it could very well be an indicator that he's attracted to you and he's escalating with you sexually.

The third indicator of attraction is if he wants to spend more time with you. Now this can manifest in several different ways that you really have to watch out for.

The first is if you're speaking and the conversation starts to die, and you know it seems like you may either hang up the phone or go off your separate ways if you’re in person.

If he tries to extend the conversation. If he tries to stay close with you. Then you can assume that he values you enough not to want you to leave …

Or even if a guy is just standing near you. Even if a man is literally just within your proximity. He might not even be talking with you. But you find that whenever you're around, he's kind of there.  He’s lurking in your presence.

Now, if you don't like him, you might refer to him as a creeper. But if you do like him, then just know that there's probably a reason why you keep finding yourself next to him or near him.

Men want to be surrounded or close to someone that they value so they have a better chance of interacting with them.

So be aware if he's trying to spend more time with you and especially if he tries to spend alone time with you, this is a really big thing.

If he wants to spend 1 on 1 time with you, then you can pretty much assume 90% of the time that he's doing it because he wants the opportunity to hit on you without getting distracted or being judged by others.... and it makes it more natural and romantic if he ever wants to kiss you to be in private.

Now this is also something to be aware of, if you're going on a date with a man and he comes up with any excuse whatsoever to go to his house or to go somewhere private. Whatever the excuse is that he's telling you, you can just assume that the reason that he's isolating you is so he can escalate sexually.

So again, that 3rd indicator of interest is wanting to spend more time with you…especially alone time.

The fourth indicator of attraction is “Considerate Compliments.” Now this is a little bit different than just complimenting someone or having a guy say nice things to you.

This is something that you actually have to be very aware of because it is subtle. It's a little hidden.

A guy can kind of offhandedly automatically make a compliment just "oh hey, you look great today"... just rolls off of his tongue without even thinking about it. But if you notice that he pauses for a moment before he says it, and he's really present when he says it...

It almost feels premeditated. Like he's been thinking about how to compliment you. That is an indicator of attraction.

That's something where there's a little bit of a risk involved. There's a pressure he might feel in telling you that compliment because it's meaningful for him.

And you can tell the difference. So for example, like I said, if someone's walking by you, they said "hey, great job on the presentation today it worked really well" and it just rolled off their tongue really quickly.

Versus someone coming up to you and saying, "hey I really want to let you know I thought you did so well In that presentation. You were focused. You were on point. And I just was really impressed."

You can tell a difference in that energy.

The fifth indicator of attraction is if he investigates your relationship status.  Any high quality man will definitely want to know if you're in a relationship, who you're dating, what that situation is.

Most players wouldn’t care if you had a boyfriend or not. But a higher quality man is going to be curious about your situation.

So just notice, even if he's asking you questions to try to figure out what you did over the weekend, who you hung out with and what types of people that you spend your time with...

If he's really digging a little bit and you get the sense that he's trying to understand if you're spending time with a significant other, then that's another indicator of attraction…that he’s seeing if you’re available or not.

He may even ask you bluntly, but more often than not, he'll try to get it from you in a subtle, hidden way by asking you about things that you've done and who you did them with.

So be aware of what questions he’s asking and always consider why he wants to know.

Now these five indicators of attraction are a requirement for you to start to be aware of because when you start to focus on them, you’ll build more social awareness and start to see the men around you in an entirely new way.

Now if there's a question in your mind of "Well, was that an indicator of attraction? Was that not an indicator of attraction?" …I encourage you to always assume it was an indicator of attraction, even if you're wrong.

The reason being… the most attractive high value women assume attraction. They assume that a man is attracted to them.

You may say" Oh, well Jason, that just sounds arrogant or I'm living a lie." But let me tell you...

The worst case scenario is that you're wrong. And you exude a sense of confidence, which is attractive in and of itself...

And the best case scenario is, you assume attraction and you're right, and you don't mess up or miss an opportunity to connect with a really great guy. It is a win-win situation.

And it's super helpful for your own self esteem and confidence. Even if you're wrong.

Why would you assume that someone's not attracted to you? Why would that be the better, more humble way to go?

It's not... you are an incredible, valuable woman. And you should always assume, just as much as you love yourself, that the high quality man will be attracted to you, especially if you're seeing that there is a potential indicator of attraction there.

In fact, assuming attraction is just one of the habits that the most high-value women in the world use to attract high-quality men.  If you want to learn more about the secret dating strategy that I discovered that 2% of the most irresistible women are using, click the link before and check out my free presentation.  See you over there!

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