3 Shocking "Things" Men Need to Fall In Love

February 24, 2020

You’ve been dating a great guy for a few weeks. He takes you out on dates to beautiful restaurants, genuinely wants to get to know you on a deeper level, and encourages you to pursue your passions. 

He’s everything you ever wanted in a partner and you’re definitely starting to fall in love with him…but you don’t know if he feels the same way. And now you’re starting to wonder, what does it take for a man to commit to one woman and choose to spend the rest of his life with just her? 

You ask your friends and family for answers. Everyone seems to give you generic advice like, “The way to his heart is through his stomach!” or “Why don’t you try surprising him by cleaning his house?” You’re a smart woman and know these shallow gestures aren’t going to make a man devote himself to you forever.

So, what needs to happen for this high-quality man to show you deeply in love he is with you?  You might be surprised to find out… 

Here are the 3 surprising things men need to fall in love:

1. Help Him Tap into His Emotional Side 

make a man fall in love

Here’s a hard truth: men have grown up in a society that taught them being vulnerable is equivalent to being weak. This has led to many men struggling with being emotionally intimate and understanding how to process their feelings in a healthy way.

For a man to fall in love with you, he needs you to know you are there for him and will support him. It can be really difficult for men to open up, but if he feels as though he can be himself with you, you should be able to bring out this other side of him. 

As I’ve discussed in other videos, men don't like to be pushed to talk about feelings and emotions. A great way to get him to open up without him feeling like you’re pressuring him is to ask about his passions and purpose and why achieving his purpose is important to him.

Asking about a person’s “why” is one of the most powerful techniques to deeply connect. When you ask someone what they are passionate about, they will discuss an external topic.

But when you ask them why they are so passionate about it, you will discover a story filled with an emotion that electrifies his body and mind. You’re tapping into his deeper purpose.

If you can uncover a man’s deeper purpose, you are connecting to his more vulnerable side.

By exuding your feminine energy, and being truly interested in his goals and purpose, you can show him it’s okay to open up about his feelings. He will see you as someone who can stand by his side and build him up (in the same way a high-quality man will want to support you). 

My wife and I always shared the WHY of raising a family, spending time with those we love, and doing good in the world.

I feel totally supported in pursuing my greatest passion. And when I am off track, I know that my wife and I ultimately want the same thing in life...so I can always look to her for guidance when I need it most.

2. He Feels Safe When You’re Together

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Something you may not know is that men are always on guard. It’s up to us to protect and look out for ourselves. 

When I worked in a corporate cubicle, some days I would leave the office feeling angry, frustrated, and defeated. It felt like my own coworkers were all fighting with each other to get ahead. It was taxing and downright toxic to my emotional well-being.  

And you know what I wanted more than anything when I came home? A peaceful and relaxing presence to help me to calm down. 

You see, as humans, we have the ability to transfer our energy to others. And as women, you are the masters of energetic connection. If you can show a man that you’re at peace with yourself and exude a calming energy, they will feel more relaxed and experience an inner calm within themselves. 

Imagine you’re sitting across from him and having a conversation. Instead of looking down or talking into your phone as he’s right across from you, pay attention to where your eyes are at. 

Look him directly in the eyes when you’re talking and look away only when you’re remembering a certain part of the story or relaying a memory. By doing this, you’re sub-communicating to him that you’re interested and focused on him. You’re also demonstrating the entire purpose or point of the conversation is to connect with him more deeply.

Another technique you can use to make him feel like being with you is a “safe space” is to be more present. Nowadays, it can seem like a miracle to be with someone who isn’t obsessed with consuming technology at every moment of the day. When you are with him, get off your phone or computer. Don’t stare at the TV and respond “uh huh” when he’s talking. Really be there, show up, and be a good listener. 

Giving him your full attention when he’s complaining about having a bad day or sharing something with you that he’s excited about will show him you care about how he feels and you’re there for him. 

If you can show you’re focused on him and peaceful to be around, he will always want to have you by his side. The man you’re dating will start to consider being with you a “safe space” where he can cool off and be himself. This is an extremely valuable quality to find in a partner and will make him fall in love with you.

3. He Needs To Win Your Affection

Have you ever wanted something then someone told you “you can’t have it”...then you craved it 10 times more? 

It’s a natural reaction – and the exact feeling you want to create inside a man pursuing you. Men need to win your affection to feel as though they hit the lottery by being with you. 

Many women make the mistake of rushing into “girlfriend mode” before a guy even offers them commitment. This includes cooking him elaborate meals, buying him gifts, cleaning or organizing for him, and more. By overcompensating from the beginning, you’re showing him that he doesn’t need to put in any effort to be with you. 

He will coast along - accepting you as his lover and personal assistant - and stop being the charming guy who hooked you in the first place. To avoid a man taking advantage of your generosity and give him the challenge he is looking for, you need to make sure that he reciprocates your acts of kindness.

Instead of throwing yourself at him because he’s a great guy, give him some room to give to you. Let him plan the dates, ask you out, and reach out to you. 

So often, women feel like men are in control when it comes to the dating game. But in fact, women hold all the power. By being in control of yourself and your actions, men will be turned on by seeing you as an independent woman who can hold her own. 

He will have to earn your affection because you are an incredible, successful woman who won’t commit to just any guy.

In Conclusion 

Now that you know the 3 shocking things men need to fall in love, you can use this advice to improve your love life and become the kind of partner a high-quality man will want to call “his” for a lifetime. 

I know meeting the right guy and things falling perfectly into place can be hard. But if you have an advantage - you are smart and driven. And I know you will do what it takes to show the man in your life you are an incredible partner and that they would be lucky to be with you. 

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