Elite Attraction Coach
HELP OUR VIP CLIENTS gain confidence, charisma, & meet the man of their dreams

Elite Attraction Coach - Career Overview


At Attract Great Guys, we help Ambitious Women improve their lives, feel more confident, and meet the man of their dreams with science-backed dating and personal development strategies. We believe that relationships are the most valuable part of life—family, friends, and romantic partners—and our mission is to help create more loving connections in this increasingly disconnected world. 

We’re not your usual company: we’re okay with being counter-culture or “edgy,” we focus on results and performance over company “politics,” and we push the limits in each other to grow as much as possible.

In a dating landscape that can be filled with pseudo-science and bad advice based on opinion...we work with evolutionary psychologists and the world’s top personal development researchers to create the most effective online courses possible.


For this “Elite Attraction Coach” position, we’re looking for someone who can help guide our VIP clients through our flagship coaching program.

That means you’ll be learning our coaching process, you’ll become an expert on personal development, dating, and attraction...and you’ll be taking our clients virtually “by the hand” and walking them towards personal growth in all of these areas.

You’ll coach our clients through their dating problems. Sometimes, you’ll be a shoulder to cry on (virtually). And other times you’ll be there to celebrate their success of meeting a new guy or getting into a serious relationship.

This will take someone with great empathy and a serious passion for personal development. You should also love psychology and learning about the best, science-backed dating skills, tactics, and strategies. You’ll be the main face of our flagship coaching program and have a hugely positive impact on the lives of our clients.

Note: This is a remote position which means you have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world you desire.


As one of our “Elite Attraction Coaches,” you’ll be responsible for:

  • Getting on personal coaching calls with every VIP client
  • Hosting group Question and Answer coaching calls with 10+ clients at a time
  • Managing the private online community and interacting with our clients via our Facebook group
  • Growing your own dating and psychology skills so you can truly be a domain expert


To succeed in this role, you should have experience (or passion) for these areas:

  • Experience as a Coach, Consultant, Therapist, or Psychologist (or other similar position)
  • Interest in Psychology & Personal Development (Understanding what makes humans “tick.”)
  • Great Charisma and Conversations (You should be able to have a phone conversation with a stranger and make them feel comfortable—not awkward—as if they’re talking to an old friend.)
  • Truly Value Relationships & Human Connection (We’re all about helping people find love, the right person for this job will share our passion for helping to spark romances.)


The one requirement for this position is you must have some level of experience with coaching (ex. as a Coach, Consultant, Therapist, Psychologist or similar position) where you gave advice that helped people improve their life.


Thanks so much for reading through. If you’re feeling energized and excited to join our team after reading this post...then you’re probably a great fit.

Just click the button below and apply for the position and we’ll be in touch! It's quick and easy. Then, the rest of the hiring process consists of a short interview and a brief project to test your abilities.

We can't wait to meet you!